Marketing Opportunities

Sportsman’s Magazine and its growing team, are committed to producing quality content for a growing readership. Since our inception, we’ve worked steadily toward producing more and more quality content, resulting in steady month over month growth.

Content production consumes time and energy, and products used for reviews requires financial resources. From day zero, we committed to providing honest content and an enjoyable reading and viewing experience. For us, that meant no tacky pop ups, no loud and obnoxious video ads, no banners that overlap content, and no third party spam content, styled to look like our own.

We’ve received a lot of feedback, letting us know how easy it is to read our content, and how great it is to read an article, without pop ups. At the cost of missing out on ad revenue, we are committed to keeping this positive experience. We are now working with brand and content sponsors to maintain a sustainable funding model.

Sportsman’s Magazine is now providing opportunities for brands to engage with our readership. Opportunities include sponsoring a gear review, co-branding media, or placing a static advertisement in place of existing ones, on either a Sportsman’s Magazine post, archive, or category page.

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