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Sportsman’s Magazine is a digital outdoor lifestyle magazine, focusing on hunting, fishing, gear, and the outdoorsman’s way of life. We are comprised of a few authors, sharing our honest experiences.

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The content on Sportsman’s Magazine is our own. Our authors share their experiences, knowledge, and opinions about pursuits, products, and even politics. Using affiliate links when discussing products helps support hosting costs, and albeit meager, helps put a small dent in the costs of buying new equipment, that we use and honestly review.

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As an Amazon associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases from Amazon.com. Using links on the site generates commissions that support Sportsman’s Magazine.

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All materials are copyrighted and the property of Sportsman’s Magazine and sportsmansmagazine.com. No reproductions may be created or used without our expressed consent. The opinions expressed on Sportsman’s Magazine are the opinions of its authors.

Reloading ammunition, wading and kayaking into icy waters, firearm usage, firearm assembly, and many of the activities published by Sportsman’s Magazine are dangerous or life threatening. You the reader, participate at your own risk. Sportsman’s Magazine, and its authors are not responsible for any physical, financial, mental, or emotional; losses, injuries, damages, or death(s), resultant from your actions. The content published on Sportsman’s Magazine is for entertainment purposes only.

Is that enough disclaimer? We hope so. Don’t be a dumbass, then try to blame Sportsman’s Magazine and our authors for it.