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Sportsman’s Magazine uses cookies to collect website analytics, render advertisements, enable social sharing buttons, and ensures affiliates can track our referrals.

We care about your personal privacy and user experience. We also hate pop-ups, but are required to give a cookie consent notice by regulators, because of policies like GDPR.

We hate these policies, because they were created in response to abusive tech giants and oligarchs, who will do anything to track your every movement, and exploit you as a sales opportunity. We don’t aim to exploit you, we only use cookies so that Sportsman’s Magazine can function like any modern website.

We are not in the business of collecting then selling your data, we are an honest content publisher, to whom cookies are necessary to function.

We do not resell personal information. If you volunteer a comment with any personal information, that information is only used to uniquely identify your comment as your own. Your email never gets sold to email marketing lists.

Our point of sale and shopping cart utilize sessions and cookies to make sure your check out process and experience function. Personal information is only used for shipping, billing, and for us to contact you if there is an issue with your order.

While the internet has become a cesspool of cookies, intended to abuse your information, we use only what is necessary for Sportsman’s Magazine to function. We are also moving away from ad network banner ads, so that our audience does not suffer through Google’s relentless targeted remarketing on our website, and our readership has an overall more positive experience.

Please email us if you have any questions, or suggestions about how we can make your experience a better one.