5.11 Tactical Geo7 Stryke TDU Pant

Benjamin David | July 2, 2021
The Tactical Geo7 Stryke TDU Pants disappear against high elevation shrubs.
Color | Geo7 Camo
Material | 80% Polyester / 20% Cotton
Features | Teflon Coated, Bartacked Stress Points, Gusseted Crotch, Stretch Panels
Pockets | Pockets, Cargo Pockets, Knee Pockets
Closures | Button, Zipper, Blouse Straps, Velcro
Fit | Straight
Country of Origin | India
Warranty | 12 Month Material and Defect
Price | $89.99

The 5.11 Tactical Geo7 Stryke TDU Pants have been on our shortlist of pants to try out since we first noticed 5.11 tactical came out with the Geo7 pattern, created by Veil Camo, exclusively for 5.11 Tactical. It’s an aggressive and well-designed camouflage pattern, that looks well suited to tactical duty, or hunting.

First Impressions

The Geo7 camouflage pattern of the 5.11 Tactical Geo7 Stryke TDU Pants is aggressive. Geo7 is like a crazy combination of hydro dip camo paint and a topo map. From the outdoor photos, it’s clear the camo pattern works, and really well. In fact, it works so well, that to see the pants in our gear review photos, we actually had to blur the background focus.

Camouflage, lightweight materials, and the durable construction of the Geo7 Stryke TDU pants are great. The pants offer a stretchable waist and breathable mesh near the hip pockets. The knees are also gusseted with the same stretchable material. Both the waist and seat pockets are lined with a breathable mesh. All the stretchable gussets, combined with reinforced belt loops and major seams, make the TDU pants both comfortable and durable. The double-layered articulated knees are also designed to accept kneepads for tactical duty, and the canted cargo pockets on the thighs are large, with multiple separators for storing tactical gear. The TDU pants also have built-in blousing straps.

In The Field

The pants are true to fit, but clearly designed for thicker thighs, or those that prefer a looser fit on the thighs and lower legs. Although, it’s probably not a complaint most will have, as the fit is typical of many TDU, ACU, or BDU pants. The built-in blousing straps, do help prevent some rubbing and snagging, but so would gaiters.

Thinner more tapered cuts, like that of the 5.11 Tactical Ridge Pants, do not rub at the ankle or thighs and do not snag on vegetation. Because of that, they are also quieter and provide for greater stealth while stalking. The fit and design of the Stryke TDU pants make them better suited for individuals with a thicker build, while the Ridge Pants with a more tapered cut, are better for those on the skinnier or thinner side of the spectrum.

Tactical Geo7 Stryke TDU Pant Rear

It doesn’t matter what angle you look at the 5.11 Tactical Geo7 Stryke TDU Pants, they disappear in terrain.

The Geo7 Stryke TDU pants were designed for tactical duty. As such, they have certain features that are presumably great for tactical duty but aren’t super great for hunting in the backcountry or moving quietly through thick brush.

We are specifically referring to the built-in blousing straps. Unless you hike and hunt with tall duty style boots, there isn’t a whole lot of use, or desire for the blousing straps. However, they are easy enough to remove, and considering that the Geo7 Stryke TDU pants were not intended as hunting pants, it’s hard to be too critical of the built-in blousing straps.

Outside of a larger fit and blousing straps, the Geo7 Stryke TDUs are incredible pants. They are maneuverable, comfortable, and provide a good amount of breathability moving through almost any terrain. The pants also seem to strike a good balance between durability and weight, and while you wouldn’t hike the PCT in them, they certainly have a place on backcountry hunts where the trade-off of durability and lighter-weight materials is desirable.


If you are looking for a pair of lightweight, durable camouflage pants for backcountry hunts, tactical features, and aggressive camo, then the 5.11 Tactical Geo7 Stryke TDU Pants are a great option. They are perhaps even one of the best options at the price point, for those that don’t desire or require a more tapered cut and don’t mind the built-in blousing straps. The Veil Geo7 camo pattern disappears, and the materials seem like they will hold up well against heavy use. The bottom line is that the Geo7 Stryke TDUs are a good value, and well worth giving a try.






5.11 Tactical Geo7 Stryke TDU Pant Mesh Pockets

Love them or hate them, the 5.11 Tactical Geo7 Stryke TDU Pants have mesh hip and seat pockets.

5.11 Tactical Geo7 Stryke TDU Pant Cargo Pocket

The 5.11 Tactical Geo7 Stryke TDU pants cargo pockets have convenient pouches for separating and organizing gear.

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