Eberlestock A4SS Tactical Weapon Carrier

Benjamin David | May 11, 2021
The Eberlestock A4SS tactical weapon carrier with the GSTC butt cover carrying an AR class rifle.
features | Reinforced Muzzle End, Drain Holes, Drag Loop, Butt Cover, Semi-Rigid Sides
Webbing | MOLLE/PALS Inside and Out
Dimensions | 36 - 60 L x 12 W inches (Adjustable Length)
Materials | 1000 Denier nylon, Hypalon reinforcement
Weight | 3.5 lbs.
Price | $149

The A4SS Tactical Weapon Carrier is a variable capacity scabbard from Eberlestock, and can be used standalone as a drag bag, a rifle bag, in conjunction with many of their packs and frames in the Eberlestock lineup, or as a back scabbard using a harness and/or accessory straps.

In The Field

Like most Eberlestock products, the overall construction of the A4SS Tactical Weapon Carrier is exceptional, and the product concept very versatile. Adjusting the fitment of a scoped AR weapon, equipped with a large compensator and fixed extended stock was very easy. You can see from the picture below, how the scabbard easily accommodates an AR15 with a full sized scope.

A4SS Fits an AR Class Scoped Weapon

A4SS easily fits a rifle length, scoped AR15 with a fully extended stock.

Standalone, the A4SS Tactical Weapon Carrier makes a great rifle bag, or drag bag. It provides more than ample protection for a firearm, has practical carry handles albeit a little flat and tight, and adjusts to a large range of rifle platforms.

The A4SS Tactical Weapon Carrier includes Eberlestock’s GSTC Butt Cover, which utilizes a sort of awkward attachment system. While other users and reviewers have complained the GSTC Butt Cover leaves a gap, it might be a situation of misuse, or simply misunderstanding the product.

Butt Cover Attachment

The somewhat awkward attachment system of the GSTC butt cover.

GSTC Butt Cover

The properly extended GSTC Butt Cover, easily covers the attachment gap, and extends down into the scabbard.

The butt cover has a sleeve that folds into itself, but when extended, slips into the scabbard, leaves zero gap, and nearly doubles the length of the butt cover. It works just fine, and leaves no gap, but is sort of reminiscent of folks that tuck their jeans into their loosely laced boots. It’s an interesting style choice, but to each their own.

The system might have been better if it went over the outside of the scabbard, versus stuffing into the scabbard. Something more akin to blousing boots. With a minor design and material change, it could have doubled as a rain cover, when used in the expansion tunnel of a pack.

We inserted the A4SS Tactical Weapon Carrier into the expansion tunnel of a Eberlestock G1 Little Brother, and secured the included ALICE clips to the MOLLE/PALS webbing inside the tunnel. Read the full G1 Brother Review, and see photos of the pack with the weapon carrier.


The A4SS features ALICE clips, as well as a ton of MOLLE/PALS straps, carry handles, and a drag loop.

We hiked around difficult terrain, including steep scree slopes, high stepped, and down stepped. The pack and weapon carrier stayed where they should, never got in the way, and performed like a single unit, as if the scabbard was integral to the pack.


If you want a weapon scabbard that can possibly be used standalone as a drag bag, rifle bag, or a minimalist pack when paired with ACST accessory straps or a shoulder harness, then the A4SS Tactical Weapon Carrier is a good choice for you.

Where the A4SS Tactical Weapon Carrier really shines is in its pairing with a Eberlestock G1 Little Brother, or other Eberlestock pack with an expansion tunnel. The scabbard turns a multi-use multi-day pack into a great multi-day hunting pack, freeing up your hands for glassing, or traversing difficult terrain. the value to price ratio is very good. You get the typical high quality product that you can expect from Eberlestock. The butt cover design and integration could be better, but you certainly can’t go wrong using the A4SS Tactical Weapon Carrier with the Eberlestock G1 Little Brother.





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