Fly Tying Trout Flies

Tie your own flies. Save some money and extend your mileage

Benjamin David | September 17, 2021
Finished Trout Flies and some Fly Tying materials.

Fly Tying Trout Flies has a few great advantages over buying ready made fishing flies. Good trout fishing flies can get pricey, and if you get hung up and lose them as any normal person does, then tying your own can get you greater mileage, at a lower price point. Tying your own trout flies also lets you create very specific patterns, and experiment with your own.

Lastly, if you hunt in addition to fish, fly tying lets you take advantage of the byproducts produced by harvesting animals. When we harvest animals, we use everything that we possibly can. This includes tying flies using the hair from deer, elk, coyotes, squirrels and rabbits, as well as feathers from the upland and waterfowl seasons. Mallard feathers and elk hair are very common materials sold for fly tying, so using what you have makes better use of animals you harvest and saves a few bucks.

There is some fairly basic equipment that you should have to start tying flies at a minimum, anything else while nice, isn’t necessary.

Basic Equipment:
Vise – A vise holds a hook still, so that materials can be added and tied on to it.
Bobbin – A Bobbin holds the thread used to secure materials to the hook.
Whip Finisher – A whip finisher is a tool used to more easily tie knots, and finish a fly.
Scissors – It’s pretty obvious what scissors do. But in regards to fly tying, a small precise pair is very helpful.
Bodkin Needle – Used to apply cements and glues, pick out dubbing, and as an all purpose tool anywhere a sharp point is needed.
Threader – Threads bobbins more easily.

While you can buy all the above tools, you’d probably be better off buying a fly tying kit, like this one. You’ll save some money, and get a few more useful fly tying tools at a great price. With a kit, you may not get the most premium tools, but you’ll be tying flies with less of an investment.

Hooks, in various sizes and shapes.
Beads, in different sizes, materials and weights.
Wire, in different colors and weights
Thread, in different colors
Hackle, Feathers, Dubbing
Foam, Foils
Cements/Glues/UV Resin
Worm Material

Red Copper John Nymph Trout Flies

A Nymphing Copper John with red wire is a favorite trout fly for some of the Sportsman’s Magazine team.

Alternatives To Tying
Fly shops sell flies that are marked up quite a bit, often priced at $2.50 per fly or more. Buying in bulk from a supplier closer to the source, or even just an importer can get you flies for as low as 60 cents per piece. Buy Flies in Bulk

Tying flies can be an enjoyable pastime or just a thing to do to have your favorite flies readily available.

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