Lucky Duck Lucky Dove Decoy

Benjamin David | August 12, 2021
Name | Lucky Dove Decoy HD
Brand | Lucky Duck
Warranty | 1 Year Mfg Defect
Battery | 4 AA
Battery Life | 12+ Hours
Operation | Single Speed
Power | On/Off Switch
Size | Realistic/Oversized
Motion | Spinner
Stand | 3 Piece 44 inches
Price | $29.99

The Lucky Duck Lucky Dove HD Decoy is one of only a couple motion dove decoys available to dove hunters. It’s a traditional spinning wing design, and does exactly what others do, but we wanted to see how it stacks up.

First Impressions

Our first impressions of the Lucky Dove were that it is fairly realistic, has an especially nice flaring tail, it is less oversized than other decoys, but not super large. It is however a little bit bulky in the shoulders.

Unlike the Lucky Duck Rapid Flyer, the Lucky Dove does not feel chintzy. It doesn’t seem like it will need to be babied in and out of the field, but it certainly doesn’t feel like a tank either. The Lucky Dove lacks the solid, and durable feel of the MOJO Outdoors Voodoo Dove Decoy.

The Lucky Dove includes a tall 44 inch stand that is very similar to the stands used in their waterfowl spinners but with a lighter weight construction and smaller diameter tube. Like their waterfowl spinners, the Lucky Dove stand utilizes a bungee to secure the decoy. We actually happen to like this, as it makes decoys fast and easy to secure and does not rely on a sticky pressure fit with the stand.

Lucky Duck Lucky Dove Decoy Tail Design

The Lucky Duck Lucky Dove Decoy has a nice tail design, and decent color.

In The Field

Deploying the 44 inch stand and securing the Lucky Dove to the top of it is a breeze. The height gives the decoy plenty of elevation to be very visible above tall grasses and thick bushes.

Again, the bungee mount system is fast, convenient, and makes setup easy, it also ensures no stuck decoy during cleanup. Magnetic wing attachments are the defacto industry standard, so it’s no surprise that the Lucky Duck Lucky Dove uses them. The Lucky Dove wings install quickly and securely. The wings are an interesting shape though. Unlike the short fat leaf shape used by the MOJO Outdoors on the Voodoo Dove Decoy, the Lucky Dove uses a longer more tapered shape.

The Lucky Dove has a good wing spinning speed, and even with the more tapered wing shape, the wings have an attractive flicker. Albeit maybe not as ‘attractive’ as the flicker produced by the wider wing of the MOJO decoy, the Lucky Dove was still effective at getting the attention of doves, and brought them into reasonable shooting distances.

Lucky Duck Lucky Dove Decoy Narrow Wings

Lucky Duck Lucky Dove Decoy uses an interesting extra wide and somewhat narrow wign shape.


The Lucky Duck Lucky Dove HD Decoy is an effective motion decoy. It attracts pass-over doves even at a distance, includes a tall stand and a convenient bungee mounting system, and it also looks good. While we feel that the Lucky Dove HD's overall construction could be better, and durability may be a concern after a couple of seasons of use, neither of those criticisms we had of the Lucky Dove HD take away from its performance. At $29.99 the Lucky Dove HD is a good value, but for those wanting a more durable construction, it may be worth taking a look at the competition.




Battery Life



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