22 Pellet Penetration Tests

Benjamin David | August 10, 2016

22 Pellet Penetration Test Pellets: Crosman Premier Domed 14.3gr | Crosman Premier Pointed 14.3gr | Daisy Precision Max Pointed 14.0gr

Pellets were fired from the Crosman 1322 and the Chinese B3 rifle. The Crosman 1322 is shooting 14.3 gr pellets at a max 8.42 FPE, and the Chinese B3 at about 4.5 FPE. Pellets were shot through two cardboad panels, into 3/8″ plywood, at 5 yards.

8FPE Penetration5FPE Penetration

At 8.42 FPE from the 1322

Crosman domed pellets penetrated deeply, and nearly exited 3/8″ plywood panel, leaving clear damage and missing splinters of wood.
Crosman pointed pellets deformed more than the domed pellets, and more energy was absorbed by the panel. Less penetration occurred, and less damage on the rear of the 3/8″ panel was visible. Damage on the rear of the panel
Daisy precision max pellets deformed the most, penetrated the least, and the energy was transferred completely.

At about 4.5-5 FPE from the B3

Crosman domed pellets penetrated the deepest, and left slight, but visible splintering on the rear of the 3/8″ panel. The pellet fell from its hole versus staying burrowed into the panel.
Crosman pointed pellets performed similarly to the higher FPE test, with less penetration than the domed pellets, but at 4.5-5FPE left no evidence of damage on the rear of the 3/8″ panel. The pellet fell from its hole versus staying burrowed into the panel.
Daisy precision max pellets penetrated about half way into the panel, deformed greatly, and fell out of the panel.

The deformed pellets from the low FPE tests are visible in the photos. If you only had 3 over the counter pellets to choose from, and you want more penetrating energy and retention of energy along a wound channel, then choose a Crosman premier domed. If you want more energy to be released in the target with less penetration, chose the Crosman premier pointed pellets. In addition to frequent ‘flyers’ when testing accuracy of the Daisy precision max pointed pellets in another test, the softer alloy penetrated the least, and soft inconsistent skirts meant that pellets did not consistently seal against the barrel of the test air guns, and caused sporadic ballistic performance. The Daisy precision max pellets are not reliable for small game hunting, or pest control.

pellet deformation

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  2. Dale penick says:

    Hey I was wondering if you could tell me if you know where to purchase a pellet sample pack?

    • Benjamin David says:

      It’s been a while since we’ve picked up a sampler pack. I think Air Gun Depot carries an option or two. Are you just seeing what shoots best? What rifle/pistol?

    • Benjamin David says:

      It’s not the *most economical, but here is an H&N sampler on amazon, they have a pack for .17 also. Depending on what you want to try it might be worth just buying the smallest tins of Crosman and JSBs. Or getting recommendations based on your rifle/pistol first.

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