Chinese B3-3 VS Crosman 1322

Benjamin David | August 10, 2016
A Chinese B3 sitting next to a Crosman 1322.

Ever wonder how the Crosman 1322 stacks up against a generic Chinese B3-3 air gun. It’s a battle between budget air guns. We tested them both, and while its not an apples to apples comparison, it wasn’t much of a competition either.

Crosman 1322

Manufacturer | Crosman
Model | 1322
Type | Multi-pump pneumatic
Caliber | .22
Action | Bolt
Cost | 59.99
Cost Upgrades | 39.99
Additional Costs | No additional Necessary Costs.
Optics | Standard front and rear sights are good.
Safety | Cross Bolt Style
FPS Advertised | 460
FPS Chrony | 515
Energy | 8.20+ FPE
Weight | 2.5 lbs
Mods | Steel Breech, Re-Crown, Transfer Port enlarged, Valve Chamber ground larger.
  • Pros
  • Price Point
  • Very Accurate
  • Good Quality
  • Lightweight
  • Lots of Aftermarket Parts
  • Cons
  • Barrel Band Has Flex

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In its stock form, the 1322 is a good air pistol. With a steel breech upgrade, it packs a lot of performance in a small, lightweight form factor.


Chinese B3-3

Manufacturer | Unknown/Various
Model | B3-3
Type | Underlever
Caliber | .22
Action | Breach Opens/Underlever
Cost | 55.00
Cost Upgrades | 0
Optics | Open front and adjustable rear sights.
Safety | Trigger Action Lever
FPS Advertised | 450-700
FPS Chrony | 425 w/14.3gr
Energy | Unknown 5.74 FPE
Weight | 8 lbs
Mods | Front Sight Removed, Barrel Re-Crowned, Rear Optic ground flush. Necessary Optics upgrade. Sights would not hold elevation.
  • Pros
  • Okay For Small Pests
  • Affordable
  • Cons
  • Poor Quality
  • Barrel had a minor bend
  • Front sight guard was bent
  • Rear sight never held adjustments
  • Required new optics
  • Poor Accuracy
  • Dangerous underlever cocking action

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Its cocking action was scary, and it was reasonable to fear a broken finger should it malfunction, but it functioned. That’s about all that can say be said for the Chinese B3-3 underlever air rifle. The velocities and accuracy were underwhelming, and inconsistent.


The Takeaway

A Crosman 1322, in its stock form is lighter and outperforms the Chinese B3-3 any way you slice it. Its a much better value at the similar price point. If you are looking for a budget .22 air gun, 1322 is a no-brainer. The base model will help you rid pests and even put a variety of small game and birds on the dinner table. If you want more performance, upgrades are available and affordable, or some research and elbow grease will get you far. We couldn’t honestly recommend a B3-3, when much better, higher quality options exist.

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