Carlson’s Ported Cremator LR Choke

Increase your effective range and tighten patterns without steel restrictions

Benjamin David | August 4, 2021
Buck shooting the Carlson’s Ported Cremator Long Range Mobil Choke, in the A300 Outlander.
Color | Black
Ported | Yes
Material | Stainless Steel
Fit | Beretta/Benelli Mobil Choke System
Gauge | 12
Constriction Dia. | .700
Warranty | Lifetime
Price | $59.95

Ease of Use



The Carlson's Ported Cremator Long Range Choke is a simple and effective way to improve your shotgun’s patterning. Carlson’s offers a wide range of chokes meant to fit many makes and models of shotguns but we tested the version made to work specifically with the Benelli/Beretta Mobil choke system.

First Impressions

Carlson’s chokes are well known for being an incredibly cost-effective way to improve the performance of just about any shotgun. We put our choke to the test on a Beretta A300 and were quite pleased with the results. This is an extended choke, meaning it sticks out past your barrel instead of being inset like the stock Mobil chokes included with the A300. Extended chokes give you denser patterns, wrench-less installation, and muzzle protection.

The LR choke has no size or speed restrictions when it comes to steel shot, so you’re free to send whatever kind of shot downfield you can get your hands on.

Updated 3/15/2023: We had a kind commentor inform us that the above statement about size or speed restrictions was possibly incorrect. Taken from the listing we linked to: “No Size or Speed Restrictions with Steel Shot (Optima HP and Remington Pro Bore Long Range cannot be used with any steel shot larger than #2)”. So there are some caveats per the listing. However, from Carlson’s website about the cremator series: “The Cremator® series has no size or speed restrictions with steel shot in any of the three constrictions.” So per usual, double check your choke for any restrictions on speed and shot size, and take everything on the internet with a grain of salt. Including what we post. Double check before making a purchase, and while we do our best to be accurate, mistakes get made, and we are not liable for how you use the information and opinions expressed on our website.

Although in theory, you don’t need a choke wrench to install or remove this choke, if it does get stuck, the choke comes with a built-in groove that lets you use a tool to spin it off.

Carlson's Cremator Mobil Choke Up Close

Carlson’s Cremator Long Range Mobil close up.

In The Field

We were particularly excited about the prospect of improving the long-range capabilities of our A300. After patterning some hand-loaded steel #5 at 40 yards, we couldn’t be happier with the results. We got tight patterns that had a high concentration of well-distributed steel with few holes in the pattern. With patterns like that, we have no doubt that it will be effective and highly lethal out to that range and beyond.

Carlson's Cremator Log Range Choke

Carlson’s Cremator Long Range Choke, first shot pattern at 40 Yards.

When fired, the porting does seem to give the A300 a slightly louder report, but not horribly so. Assuming your buddies are already wearing hearing protection in the blind, they won’t notice the difference when sitting next to you. In theory, the porting should lessen the kick and strip the wad faster. In reality, we couldn’t feel a reduction in recoil and until we test a non ported version, we won’t conclusively know if the wad being stripped away sooner has much of an effect on patterning. Either way, we had great results with the Cremator long-range choke and look forward to using it on late-season birds that are less willing to commit to the decoy spread, for those easier up-close shots on flaring birds.


The Carlson's Ported Cremator Long Range Choke is an excellent addition to anyone’s waterfowling kit. We were getting excellent patterns with steel shot out to 40 yards. While not the cheapest aftermarket choke out there, the Cremator LR certainly isn’t the most expensive. We think this choke offers an excellent value for the price. The tight patterns produced by this choke should give you clean kills or clean misses, just the way it’s supposed to be.

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2 responses to “Carlson’s Ported Cremator LR Choke”

  1. William R White says:

    HEY….very irritating, you need to research your products son…another little loose lipped “expert” running his yapper on the internet…change this before you get someone hurt.
    “The LR choke has no size or speed restrictions when it comes to steel shot, so you’re free to send whatever kind of shot downfield you can get your hands on”
    FRom the damn website genius:The Long Range is NOT to be used with any STEEL shot larger than BB, or with any STEEL shot faster than 1550 FPS. If you want to use any of these loads use try Mid Range choke tube

    • Benjamin David says:

      Thanks Bill for the kind comment. I’m glad we have folks out there that are willing to graciously and kindly provide comments like this. I’ll revisit the post that is now 2 years old, and written with whatever info was appropriate and available at the time, done in good faith that we used the most accurate information, then make a correction. Also, hopefully the use case for most people, is that they don’t need to shoot 1550 FPS+ steel. Or with shot sizes over BB, since the world already has enough sky busters, and much better loads exist than steel loads with greater knockdown power anyway. In the words made famous by The Dude – “You aren’t wrong Walter, you are just an asshole”. Thanks again for the comment.

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