Hot Shot Eruption Stormproof Hybrid Glove

| January 19, 2022

The Stormproof Eruption Hybrid gloves by HotShot have been a workhorse for a lot of our hunts, and t... read more

Lucky Duck Quiver Magnet

| January 6, 2022

The Quiver Magnet. A cheap and easy way to add motion to your decoy spread?

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Carhartt Storm Defender Glove

| January 4, 2022

The best gloves you can buy for winter hunting in wet and cold temperatures for under 100 bucks!

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Nekteck 21W Solar Charger

| January 4, 2022

A great backcountry companion? We tested the Nekteck 21w solar charger.

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Hillman 3-4 Season 2 Person Tent

| December 30, 2021

Is the cheapest tent on Amazon, a good value, or a hard pass? We decided to test it and find out.

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Mojo Butt Up Rippler

| December 22, 2021

We wanted to see if adding the MOJO Butt Up Rippler decoy to our spread, would help bring in wary bi... read more

Chinese B3-3 VS Crosman 1322

| August 10, 2016

Battle of the 22 cal budget airgun. This is a review and comparison of a generic Chinese B3 air rif... read more