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What is the Best Motion Dove Decoy in 2023?

| July 4, 2022
Mojo Voodoo Dove Decoy In Tall Grass
Photo Credit: Keith Knoxsville
A Hen and a Drake Green Teal on the truck bed. Not a limit on anything, but a fun morning out.

In the world of motion dove decoys, there are only a couple of good options, and while most are spinners, there is at least one that is a little bit unique. We decided to test and review the 2 most well-known spinning wing decoys, the MOJO Outdoors Voodoo Dove Decoy and the Lucky Duck Lucky Dove HD Decoy, as well as the unique flapping wing motion decoy, the Lucky Duck Rapid Flyer Dove Decoy. We put them to the test in the field and chose the best one for the 2022 dove season.


If you are looking at spinners, then you’ll split hairs choosing between the Mojo Outdoors Voodoo Dove Decoy and the Lucky Duck Lucky Dove HD Decoy. The choice comes down to preference. With the Voodoo you get a slightly more solid construction and an oversized decoy body, but it vibrates during operation, and you may wish it had a taller stand.

The Lucky Dove HD gives you vibration-free operation and a slightly more natural-looking decoy. However, the build quality may leave you a little underwhelmed.

There really are no losers on our list. The Rapid Flyer, while not great at attracting doves from afar, does a good job enticing them into a decoy spread when they are nearby. It was our last choice if you were to only use one motion decoy, where a spinner is favorable. However, situationally the Rapid Flyer is a very effective tool, and if you are deploying it on an old dairy, or other place with lots of nearby doves and pigeons, it’s the perfect tool.

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