Banded Ducks

| February 1, 2021

Banded ducks and duck hunters are part of a vital relationship designed to conserve waterfowl popula... read more

First Duck Season

| January 13, 2021

Don’t expect to get your first duck season right immediately, and be prepared. Just when you think... read more

Asian Inspired Duck Bites

| January 1, 2021

If you are looking for an easy way to cook a duck for friends, or a family gathering, then Asian ins... read more

Duck Offal Street Tacos

| December 31, 2020

Don’t waste those hearts and gizzards, because they are offal good, especially in a duck offal... read more

Duck Yak

| December 2, 2020

A Duck Yak, or as others call them a Quack Yak, are kayaks setup or modified for waterfowl hunting. ... read more

Waterfowl Concealment

| March 13, 2020

Camouflage everything. The best concealment is a natural one. Vegetation or artificial netting, gr... read more

European Duck Mount

| January 19, 2020

I really happen to like euro style mounts across just about every animal species, so I did a euro mo... read more

Decoy Basics

| January 1, 2020

You can decoy, jump shoot, or set up in a spot to shoot pass over ducks, but if you are going to dec... read more

Green Teal Duck Hunt

| December 9, 2019

Its been a while since I had a chance to get out and do any successful wing shooting. So when I harv... read more